Bali to open to tourists in 2019

Bali’s popular tourist destination Bali will open its gates to foreigners in 2019, the country’s Tourism and Sport Minister has said.

The announcement comes as a major project is under way in Bali, a UNESCO World Heritage site, that aims to improve the area’s tourism and tourism-related services, including the opening of its tourist centre, the Bali Sea resort, and an amphitheatre for concerts.

“It’s a long journey for all of us,” Tourism Minister Pekka Matamato said.

“This is our country.

We’re going to bring people here, and I hope it’s good for everybody.

It’s a great start.

I hope everyone will be happy with the outcome.”

Matamato was speaking at a Bali-based conference on Tuesday.

“If you have any question about this, you can ask us,” he said.

Tourism Minister Pema Kambay said the Government is committed to making Bali the best tourist destination in the world, and the tourism industry is the backbone of Bali.

“We want to make Bali a destination that we are proud to be Bali and proud to live in, which is why we’re going forward with this plan,” Kambaysa said.

Bali Sea, the capital of Borneo, is also expected to open its doors to foreigners by the end of 2019, and a plan is under development to open the resort’s second level, where Balians can also eat, drink and shop.

Bambara is one of Bili’s most popular beaches, and it is home to a series of popular resorts including Bali Ocean Beach, where visitors can enjoy the waters and the beauty of Bambara’s sea.

“The Bali coast is our home and we’ll make Bambaras home,” Matamatos said.

Tourism is one part of the Government’s push to diversify Balian culture and make it one of the most attractive destinations in the region.

Bali’s beaches, islands, and sandbars have become increasingly popular as a tourist destination, and visitors can expect to see many more foreign guests.

Matamatos has also been pushing to create a tourism hub in Bornea, where he hopes to develop a “high-tech and high-tech hub” in Bamba.

The Government also plans to open a tourist hub in Jakarta, one of Indonesia’s top destinations, which will provide more than 3,000 jobs and support the region’s economy.

A new national museum and other attractions will be built in Bauchi, the largest town in the Bornean province of Papua.


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