Harga Beton: Cor beton de bahang, hargas pokadas daroon,aok bahasa per nga,yung bahassa magan?

The government’s decision to release jailed opposition leader and former prime minister Jayaprakash Narayan will likely result in the end of the country’s five-year rule. 

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and other opposition parties said the move was a step to restore political stability and bring the country into a normalcy that has been lacking for years.

“Today’s release of Mr Jayapak’s family and his son Jayapalam to the public has no negative consequences for the political stability of the Republic of the Philippines,” Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, chairman of the Senate committee on national security, told reporters. 

Mr Jayaparakash Narayanasamy, one of the three leaders of the anti-Marcos rebels, was released on Sunday from the Philippine National Police (PNP) custody after a court sentence of 11 years and seven months for his role in the April 4 bombing that killed 20 people and injured dozens more. 

His son Jayalam was also released by the PNP on Sunday.

The PNP announced that the three men would not be charged with any crime and that they would be handed over to the judicial authorities. 

“Mr Jayalapasamy and Mr Jayalakasamy are the three most wanted criminals of the republic,” the PNPA said in a statement.

“They have committed heinous crimes against our Republic.

We have declared them as criminals.

We will not hesitate to arrest them and send them to jail.” 

The PNAP, which is dominated by the National Democratic Front of the Patriotic Alliance of the Armed Forces of the Philippine Islands (NDFAPLI), has claimed that Mr Jayaaprakasamy was the mastermind behind the bombing. 

As part of the PNAI, Jayaprasamy was convicted of being a criminal gang member and sentenced to 13 years in prison.

The court found that he had links with a rebel group called the Bataan Death Squad. 

Jayaprasamary and Jayalacamsy are the third and fourth people to be released from prison since the May 10 election, but the last release was on March 14. 

PNAI leader Rodrigo Duterte said the two leaders should be handed to authorities and they should not be released to the opposition or other groups. 

He also said Mr Jayadrasamy had been a “danger to the country”. 

“We are glad that the government has now released Mr Jayapo and Mr Rajagopalam, but it is unfortunate that they have been released in such a way that the country is going through this nightmare,” he said. 

Senator Trillays IV, a former chief of the armed forces, said the PNR would release the rest of the prisoners to the PNN and the PAP. 

 “It’s not good for the country.

It’s not a good move for democracy.

I am a citizen of the United States, and we are not going to allow any human rights violations in the Philippines, Trillay IV said.”

I would like to assure you, it’s not my decision.

I have already spoken to the President of the US.

But the President will have to take into consideration what the American people want.

He will have a choice.” 

Mr Trillayer said the president’s spokesman, Edwin Lacierda, would be in touch with the PNC president. 

On Sunday, the Philippine military said it had arrested a suspect believed to be Mr Jayakasam. (AFP)


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