Indonesian company’s cement pump jacks up price, kills off the Philippines

Jakarta, Indonesia (AP) When Harga Borongan Baja Ringan concrete pump started producing in Indonesia in 2009, it didn’t cost much to build it, but its price soared to nearly $2,000 a meter, according to estimates from Indonesian media.

Now it’s cheaper to use concrete pumps in the Philippines, where construction is more labor intensive.

But the Philippine cement industry is facing another setback: the government is considering a ban on new cement production, as Indonesia and several other countries try to rein in pollution.

Harga and its competitor in the country, Jako Steel, have a strong foothold in the construction industry, and the Philippines is home to a significant amount of cement.

The Philippine government estimates the country’s cement supply to be around 8.8 billion metric tons, or about 18 percent of the world’s total.

But that’s just cement.

As the world warms, more concrete is being made in other places, including the Philippines.

The country’s government says that cement can be used in steel, cement, and concrete.

But in recent years, there have been reports of the use of cement in other industries, such as plastics and ceramics.

The Philippines has a huge exporter of cement, but the cement industry has been on the decline.

In the Philippines’ cement-making industry, the biggest competitors are the Chinese and Japanese, who have their own production facilities.

Hargas cement pump is a Chinese-made pump with the trademark “Hargas” in the middle.

It’s not clear if the pump uses Chinese or Korean cement, according of the Philippine Steel Corporation.

But Jako and Hargais cement-pump plants are both located in China, according a spokeswoman for the company.

“It’s not just the price but also the quality,” said Hargap, a member of the National Steel Association of the Philippines (NSTAP).

Hargans cement pumps are made from a mixture of Japanese and Chinese cement.

In the Philippines they’re made with a mixture called polyethylene glycol (PEG).

In Indonesia, the country with the second-largest cement industry, China’s demand for cement has led to its own cement industry.

But there’s been little growth in cement production.

According to the Philippine National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Indonesia produced just over 1 billion metric tonne of cement for the first six months of this year, down from 3.9 billion in 2016.

In Indonesia’s cement industry , the main competitors are China and Japan.

But Hargashan Bora Jako is a joint venture of both countries, with the two countries jointly owning the factories that pump out the cement.

In recent years Hargasa has started making cement for domestic use.

Jako started producing cement in 2014, and in 2015 it also opened a factory in Malaysia.

Harkas cement pumps in Indonesia are made by subcontractors and the company doesn’t have a manufacturing plant in the Asian country, which is home with a large chunk of Indonesia’s domestic cement industry as well as Indonesia’s own.

Jako’s Indonesian subsidiary, Janko, is also a joint-venture of China and Malaysia.

But, unlike Hargassans, Jarkas has a Philippine production facility.

Jarkas company website says the cement is sold in Indonesia as an “alternative concrete” and that its main market is in Malaysia, Indonesia and Malaysia, while its product is used in construction.

Jakos main customers are construction companies and the government.

Indonesia is also the main source of cement that’s used in the world, and it also has a large demand for concrete for construction, especially for roads.

The Philippines has already been hit hard by the crisis in Indonesia, which has suffered more than $8 trillion in damages from a series of earthquakes and landslides.

In August, President Benigno Aquino III ordered a suspension of cement production for a year.

But that order is now being challenged by local and international firms.

A local labor dispute in the southern city of Davao between the Philippine government and the Filipino Construction Union (PCPU) has forced the suspension of the cement supply, while the Philippines has been facing pressure from countries like Japan and South Korea.

In September, the Philippine Construction Union said it had halted all cement production in the central city of Pampanga, which borders China and Singapore, because of “serious concerns about the impact of the situation.”

The union’s secretary general, Alfredo Alabaya, said in a statement that the suspension would “reduce pressure on the local labor movement.”


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