Marcos Maidana says Marcos Maidan’s win was ‘truly special’

Marcos Maidanas win against Carlos Takam in Mexico City, in which he scored one goal, was “truly great”, he said on Wednesday.

Maidanas also said his victory over Takam was “a win that I am really proud of”.

“It was a very special victory for me,” Maidanas said.

“The fans were so emotional that I think it was the first time they cried.

They were really loud and they were all shouting ‘Maidan, Maidan, Marta'”.

The former world number one had a quiet performance in his win, but the match was a big win for Mexico.

The fight was the culmination of a two-fight losing streak that began with the loss to Takam, and ended with the first defeat in his career.

After that loss, Maidanas was forced to miss the first six months of 2017 and it was not until January that he was able to return to action.

In the first bout against Takam he won by split decision, but Maidanas struggled in the second bout and lost by unanimous decision.

This defeat will help his confidence and help him overcome the disappointment of losing his title to Takams second fight.

He is expected to fight in Mexico again on March 23.

With his first win of 2017, Marcos Maidans first title was in the hands of his opponent in Mexico.

He had been ranked No 1 in the world for a while before Takam.

Despite winning the fight, the former world heavyweight champion has been knocked out twice in the last six months.

If he fights again, he will face Takam again, but if he loses this time, he would be expected to return.

When asked what he would do differently if he wins this fight, he said, “It would be difficult.

I don’t know if I would make the same mistake I made when I lost to Takami.

Takam has done so much to improve, and now I will have to face him again.”

Mozart: “It was an amazing fight” Former world number two Antonio Mozart is now the only undefeated fighter in UFC history to win three straight fights.

While Mozart will face the first man to defeat him in the Octagon, he is expected only to win because of the rematch with Takam and Maidanas, who lost the first fight.

Mozarts win is a sign of things to come.

For his first fight, Mozart looked good but struggled against Takams slick style and a fast jab.

But he improved when he started to train with Carlos Takams sparring partner Ricardo Lamas.

A win in Mexico would be the first title in his title-winning career.


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