‘Papal protection’ – A report by the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCS)

The Church has already made a big step in defending women against violence and abuse by men.

It has taken action against priests, bishops, priests’ relatives and even men who abuse minors.

But the Church is not only protecting its members from abuse but also from the abuse of its sisters.

The Church needs to do more, as it has been too slow in taking action against abuse in the past.

The NCS report has made clear that women who report abuse are often ignored, disbelieved and even silenced. 

The NCS, headed by Archbishop Paul J. Tobin, has a mission to make the Church more transparent in the way it addresses the problem of violence against women and girls.

It will also help the Church work with the National Prosecuting Authority, which is a body under the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of crimes against women.

The Catholic Church has a long way to go.

The report, which will be presented at the Vatican’s Congress on Friday, is a landmark work on violence against the female gender.

The Pope has already said that “the Church is an institution that is at war with itself”.

It is an important and timely document for the Church to be seen as a leader in this fight. 

There are three main findings in the NCS study: 1.

The vast majority of the women who are abused in the Church do not report the abuse because they are afraid or do not know where to turn.

They are afraid of being blamed, for failing to conform to a masculine social code or for not being “normal” in the church.

This is a fact that has been documented for decades. 


Women who report sexual abuse do not want to remain silent. 


They are often forced into silence, even in cases of grave crime. 

We know that the vast majority, if not all, of the victims of sexual abuse are not reporting the abuse. 

This is the result of a variety of reasons: a) Women are afraid to come forward as victims. 

 B) Women fear the stigma associated with sexual abuse.

C) Women believe they are unable to speak out because they fear that their abuser is still in the priesthood.

D) Women have difficulty reconciling their sexuality with their gender. 

These are not only reasons that the NCBOS does not address but also the fact that many women feel they cannot report the rape because they don’t want to be perceived as a failure. 

A study by the NCBSO in 2012 also found that, for the most part, women in the Catholic Church are not comfortable coming forward. 

As the NCSBO said in its report: “It is clear that the Church does not want women to become victims.

Therefore, it does not consider them as victims.” 

Women do not believe that they are protected from abuse because of their gender and are more concerned about their safety in a patriarchal society. 

But the NCSS report makes it clear that these reasons are not a valid excuse for women not to report abuse, especially if the perpetrator is a priest. 

“The NCSS notes that women are afraid not to go public, because they may be blamed for the abuse, even if they did not physically harm the victim or rape the victim, which would lead to a conviction for criminal acts,” said Father Daniel T. Coyle, director of the Center for the Study of Abuse in the Apostolate (CSAA), a Catholic women’s organization. 

Coyle said that many priests have no idea what to do if they have been accused of sexual misconduct. 

According to Coyle: Women are afraid that they may not be believed if they report sexual misconduct, which may lead to criminal proceedings for sexual misconduct against women, which are often brought against men. 

In the NCSEA, a group of researchers recently found that about 50 percent of abuse victims in the diocese of Cali in southern Colombia are believed to have been raped. 

Even if the woman is believed to be innocent, the abuse can continue if the abuser continues to be a priest, or if the victim decides to speak about the abuse to the police. 

Father Tobin says that the church should be transparent in its response to the NCSDO report.

“It is important to understand that, if we do not, we risk a situation where the Church’s position will be less credible, where the voices of the marginalized will not be heard and that women will be harmed, which cannot happen,” he said. 

However, Father Tobin said that he does not believe the NCSA report will change any church’s policy or approach. 

He said that the Catholic hierarchy has already acknowledged that the problem is serious, and that


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