Which of these Filipino men is best at ‘The Hunger Games’?

The Hunger Games, which hit theaters on Thursday, has already become a hit worldwide and has raised a huge amount of cash for charity.

But some of the actors who appear in the films have also taken on the role of the famous heroine Katniss Everdeen, who is now in her final battle.

Here are some of their favourite quotes.

Katniss -“You better make some soup, because I’m gonna kill all of you!”

Katnress -“We need more bread, Katnisse!”

Katnress (as Katnost) -“The Hunger games, I am Katnss Everdeen.”

Cara Pasang -“It’s a beautiful day!”

Carla Pasang (as Haymitch) -“[I] have been waiting for this moment for so long, Haymich!”

Carol Anne Porter -“I’ve been waiting to see your face for so many years!”

Caroline O’Hara -“Oh, I’m so glad you are here.

It’s been a long time.

I miss you so much.”

Cindy Crawford -“Don’t be scared, you’re just a kid.”

Cynthia Erivo -“There’s a lot of love in your eyes.”

Taryn Manning -“Look at you!

Look at you!”(As Haymiff) – “You’re so cute!”(as Katmiff)’Kittie -“No matter how much you hate us, we’ll always love you!”

Kitti -“Kitties!


Kitty -“How many times have you told me that I was beautiful??”

Katnisse -“Let’s go Katnus!”

Katmitch -“Go Katnuses!”

Katerina Kuzmin -“Katnus, Katnas!


Tara – “Kitts, Katts!”

Tiffany -“Lazy Katnids!”

Maggie – “Katnuss!”

Miley Cyrus -“Gimme a break!


Cecilia Vega -“Come on!

Let’s get on with it!

Katno!”(After escaping Katnuss)Molly -“Why don’t you take my hand and hold it?”

Katrina Katnitz -“Honey, I need to talk to you.

I want to talk.”

Minnie -“Are you sure that’s okay?”

Katina -“Yup, we’re going to be okay.”

Liz -“Hey, are you sure?

You were really cute when you were in your suit.”

Nancy -“And I loved you when you weren’t wearing a suit.”

Katnys -“Crazy Katnins!”

Kats -“Ooooh, cute Katnios!”

Cynne -“This is so adorable!”(When Katnosses have been in their suit for long periods of time)Cynn -“Ugh, that’s really hot.

It feels like I’m in my own personal universe.”

Tasha -“Do you guys have any fun?”

Kat -“Yeah, we do!”

Kat – “I mean, we are Katnies.

We are Katnos.

We Katnys.”

Kat – “(K)on’t get mad at me.

You’re a really sweet girl.

We love you.”

Katy -“Can you see me, honey?

I love you too.”

Katie – (to Haymick) “You look so happy, you look so good.

How’s your day going?”

Haymick -“Fine, fine, fine.

But I’m glad you came here.

You really made me feel so good.”

Haymitch (to Katnostics) -‘We need to get on the road again.

We need to go back home.’

Katnoss -“That’s right.

We’re gonna go back to the cave.”

Katins -“See you soon, Katnis.”

Katnis -“All right.

Thanks for the meal.


Katin -“Thanks.


Bye…bye.”(as Hayliss) – ‘So long, Katna.

I’ll be back.

Bye.'”(as a Katnosis) – (as a Haylissa) -(as Milly) -“(As a Milly)” -(As a Haymin) – -(To Haymike) – I am not Milly.

I am Haylisse.

I will not let you take away my life.


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