Which way is the right way for hargas?

Atop a hillside overlooking the Rio de Janeiro coastline, dozens of hargadores have gathered to discuss the future of their homeland.

 “It’s very difficult for people from other countries to find a place to live here,” said Carlos, a 27-year-old hairdresser.

“I am scared to move to another country because I want to live in the same place as my parents.”

Hargas have lived here for centuries, and many have come here in search of a better life.

But it is a new life for many that has led to a change in the way they think of their home.

Many hargalas say they do not have enough money to pay for housing or food.

They have taken to organizing events and organizing demonstrations, with many protesting against the country’s controversial immigration policies.

As a result, many hargaloers are now moving away from the city, according to Antonio, who works as a bartender in the area.

“It was not easy when I was young,” Antonio said.

He added that the city has become a haven for drug traffickers, which has lead to a spike in murders.

Despite the high crime rate, the area has gained popularity, with the government providing shelter to hundreds of thousands of migrants, many of whom are from countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

According to the Rio government, the country has nearly 1 million foreign migrants in the country, of whom more than 50,000 are in Rio.

But a recent report by the UN’s migration agency found that in many cases, the government has failed to provide adequate housing and health care to these migrants.

The report said Rio has no policy to address the needs of migrants who are fleeing persecution, such as children who have fled to other countries.

While some residents are moving away to other cities, others say they are staying put to preserve their families.

In a country where many people have fled violence and poverty, the situation for migrant families has been extremely challenging.

The Rio government has set up a “migration protection office” in the capital, Brasilia, to deal with the problem.

But for many, this is not enough.

“I have to pay a lot of money for food, for clothes, for medical care,” said Carmen, a hairdressing salon owner.

“If I do not leave, my children will not get the education they deserve.”

Carmen’s son, Diego, a 14-year old hairdressor, has been working as a haberdasher for six years.

He said he has to buy expensive hair and make sure the salon is clean.

I have a job and the price of a haircut is 50,0000 reais, he said.

And I am very, very sad about it.


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