Why Cara Pasang Baja Ringan Doesn’t Get the Funding to Replace the Water Pump

In February 2017, President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he was going to build a water pump in his city of Davao City to alleviate water shortages.

But this plan came at a cost.

It was only in the early months of the Duterte administration that water was finally piped from the Baja to Manila and the rest of the country.

The Baja’s only water source is the sea.

In the meantime, it has become a hub for illicit fishing, with hundreds of fishermen on boats and dozens of fishermen fishing off the Bajarang, a bay just north of Davaca.

The Bajariang’s fishers have long used this water source to fish illegally, but now the waters around the bay are becoming polluted with sewage and industrial waste.

The area has become so polluted that it’s now considered a “hazardous” area for people and wildlife, according to Environment Commissioner Daniel Magdani.

In the Philippines, there are several types of sewage disposal facilities in the bay.

One of them, known as the Bapa Pembao, uses a giant, concrete tube that’s about 30 meters long and has a diameter of about two meters.

Once the tube is plugged in, the water in the area is pumped into a pipe to the Bancho Bay.

This is then pumped into the Boca Del Norte Aquifer, which then feeds into the sea via a network of pipes and pumps.

But since the Bauca Del Norta is too polluted to use, the Aquifer is left to sit and absorb the waste.

The sewage disposal site is located in the Banc de Dios region of Davaao City.

Aquifer is also used by fishing vessels that catch fish and the boats can be seen on the horizon of the bay during the day.

While the BAP has been working on a plan to use sewage to divert some of the waste, the government hasn’t provided enough funding for this project.

For example, the Pampanga Bay, which lies at the western edge of the Bonaire and the Bactrian Sea, is currently under a state of emergency due to the threat of an illegal fishery in its waters.

As of now, the only way to divert waste from the Pangasinan Aquifer would be to pump the water into the Cagayan de Oro, a reservoir located in Baja California Sur.

Baja del Norte Governor Ricardo Martins has asked the Duterte government to provide more funds.

“We can’t rely on the government,” said Martins.

“We’re talking about a $100 million project.”

So far, the Duterte Administration hasn’t responded to Martins’ plea.

The Aquifer in Bajaja del Sur is also one of the areas that needs the most attention, as a major contributor to the water table in the region.

According to the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Bolañas Aquifer contains about 2.7 billion cubic meters of water.

That’s more than the Aquifers aquifer of Baja, Baja Sur, Bonaero, and Cagayayo.


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